The Computer Networks and Services Division is a unit of the Institute of Telecommunications of WUT. With the research and teaching staff of 60 people, it is the largest of the 6 institutes of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. It is also the strongest one with respect to research and teaching potential, as it employs 20 researchers holding the DSc degree, 10 of them having the full-professorship title, and another 30 with the PhD degree.

CNSD is one of the 3 divisions of the institute. The other two are the Communications Systems Division and the Cybersecurity Division. The tradition of CNSD dates back to 1974 when its predecessor, Computer Networks and Switching Division, was organised. It witnessed the emergence and development of contemporary networks and services, contributing with numerous achievements resulting from theoretical and applied research – communications networks design and performance analysis methods, hardware and software of original-design digital switching systems, national standards of signalling systems and protocols, the national operator switching, transmission and signalling networks’ designs, and many others. Nowadays, CNSD carries advanced research on the technologies and applications of modern computer and communications networks. The division has its own modern lecture and laboratory rooms, and advanced research and teaching infrastructure.