New speciality at master-level studies

A new speciality of Master’s studies in Telecommunications was introduced at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology in the fall semester of 2017. The speciality is “Computer Networks and Cybersecurity” and is offered by the Institute of Telecommunications. The programme of the new Master’s studies encompasses 7 obligatory and 17 optional courses. The courses originate from all the 3 divisions of the Institute of Telecommunications, which enables students to further profile their education.

Computer Networks and Services Division offers 2 obligatory courses of “Softwarised Networks” (PROST), and “Computer Networks Planning” (OAST), and 4 optional courses of “Computer Networks Software” (OPSYT), “Managing Softwarised Networks” (ZAPST), “Context-Aware IoT Applications” (AKIR), and “Computer Networks Services and Applications” (UAT). All of the courses are entirely new, and have been developed around a uniting idea of providing knowledge on the architecture and management of new generation software-based networks, especially 5G networks, and the development of 5G-based services and applications, in particular IoE applications. Currently, the courses are offered in Polish.