IoT Courses

Take a look at our comprehensive collection of Internet-of-Things courses. Each offers a unique perspective on this diverse area. Notably, the courses are self-contained (they do not depend on one another). So, pick any one of them, or, for best results, take all three!

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IoT Projects


FLEXNET, a Celtic-Plus project planned for the years 2018-2020, aims at developing “a new paradigm of flexible network communications to foster the IoT value creation. The Flexible IoT Network transforms the current static, manually adapted communications, to a fully flexible, automatically programmable communications network, …

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IoT Publications

E. Fitzgerald, M. Pióro, A. Tomaszewski: Energy-Optimal Data Aggregation and Dissemination for the Internet of Things; IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2018.

In this paper we consider the problem of optimising the dissemination of measurements in the wireless sensor network. It is…

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