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FLEXNET, a Celtic-Plus project planned for the years 2018-2020, aims at developing “a new paradigm of flexible network communications to foster the IoT value creation. … The Flexible IoT Network transforms the current static, manually adapted communications, to a fully flexible, automatically programmable communications network, which is adjusted, in real time, to the specific needs of each IoT use case. This real-time adaptation is the key factor for IoT value creation. … This new network paradigm is fully aligned with the efforts currently ongoing in the definition of 5G.” Within FLEXNET, we are developing the Networked Application Emulation System (NAPES), which makes it possible to easily create and execute stress-testing applications that emulate actual IoT applications in terms of network traffic. An emulating application, just like a real (emulated) one, is a collection of communicating components running on IoT nodes and in the cloud. However, these components do not access real sensors, nor do they implement the application logic; instead, they just communicate among themselves in the way that closely resembles traffic typical for the real application.

Coordinator: A. Bąk