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E. Fitzgerald, M. Pióro, A. Tomaszewski: “Energy-Optimal Data Aggregation and Dissemination for the Internet of Things”; IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2018.

In this paper we consider the problem of optimising the dissemination of measurements in the wireless sensor network. It is assumed that the measurements are taken at multiple sensor nodes, routed through a set of transit nodes, and disseminated to multiple control nodes. At transit nodes the measurements can be aggregated in order to minimise the number of packet transmissions and the energy used at the nodes. The problem consists in optimising the routing of packets, the aggregation of measurements, and the scheduling of packet transmissions with the objective to minimise the usage of energy. We present a method of problem decomposition, mixed-integer programming formulations of the resulting subproblems – energy-optimal measurement aggregation and dissemination, and throughput-optimal scheduling of transmissions under the physical interference model – as well as algorithms that solve them. We show the results of numerical studies that have been carried out for networks of varying topologies and size.