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Here is just a sample of concepts, techniques, and technologies covered: mobile applications, virtual machines, hypervisors, OpenStack, Docker, SOA (Service Oriented Architecure), microservices, VoLTE, QoS, IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), SCRUM, Promela, TTCN, NGN, BPEL, … (a full list would be much longer). For details, take a look at individual courses.

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S&A Projects


The main objective of the transnational European initiative is to develop and test a customised sensing system for hazardous substances detection in complementary utility networks and public environments. For ensuring greater protection of citizens, …

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S&A Publications

J. Domaszewicz, S. Lalis, A. Pruszkowski, M. Koutsoubelias, T. Tajmajer, N. Grigoropoulos, M. Nati, A. Gluhak: Soft Actuation: Smart Home and Office with Human-in-the-Loop; IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2016.

Proactive context-aware systems process sensor data to autonomously drive actuators. Contrary to that, soft…

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