The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology offers academic studies in telecommunications at the engineer, master and doctoral levels. The studies are in Polish and in English and are offered to students from Poland and from abroad. Institute of Telecommunications is the unit of the faculty that supervises those studies.

The programme of the studies is prepared by all three divisions of the institute. While the speciality of master-level studies is Computer networks and cybersecurity, there are two specialities at the engineer-level studies to choose from. One of them is Computer networks and management (Polish acronym is TIZ), at which the majority of obligatory and optional courses is provided by the Computer Networks and Services Division. Students who select this speciality must choose a subset of those CNSD courses, and are also obliged to attend selected courses prepared by the Communications Systems Division and the Cybersecurity Division.

Both at the engineer and at the master level, students who decide to work towards and prepare their diploma thesis in CNSD can further concentrate either on the problems of system and software design or on the issues of network and system management. In the first case, after obtaining the BSc diploma students are prepared to work as developer specialists in companies that design, implement and deploy either carrier network and service solutions or IoT systems and applications. And in the second case, they are ready to apply for a position of a specialist managing networks and services at the communications service provider. Additionally, after the MSc diploma students are prepared, respectively, to architect the solutions and to lead their development process, or to coordinate network and service management processes.

Course BSc
Computer Networks
Computer Networks and Cybersecurity
System and Software Design Network and Service Management System and Software Design Network and Service Management
Communications Networks Architecture ARSTE X X
Computer Networks Algorithms AISDE X X
Internet Technologies TINE / EINTE X X
Computer Networks Basics PKC / ECOPR X X
Transport Networks TSST X X
Cellular Networks SKRU X X
Carrier IP Networks SIP / EINTE X X
Internet of Things Basics PIR / EIOT
Note: PIR scheduled for Spring 2019
Computer Networks Systems Design PSYT / ECOPR
Note: PSYT scheduled for Spring 2019
Cloud Services and Mobile Applications Design PUCAM
Note: scheduled for Spring 2019
Things for Internet of Things OBIR / EIOT X
Multimedia Services UMS / EIMS X
Softwarised Networks PROST / ENEXT X X
Computer Networks Design and Analysis OAST / EQUTH X X
Computer Networks Software OPSYT X
Context-Aware IoT Applications AKIR X
Computer Networks Services and Applications UAT / EIMS X
Managing Softwarised Networks ZAPST / ENEXT X
Communications Systems Division courses X X X X
Cybersecurity Division courses X X X X